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Our Projects

One of our outstanding project is bringing the Gospel to the prisons, and the youth through medical screening, donation of second hand cloths, setting of workshops for the training of vocational skills for the inmates in the prisons, and free medical screening.

A weekly visitation to the Duayaw/Nkwanta prisons by our team of evangelistic ministry (Brian Jones Outreach Ministry) to minister to them, Praises and Worship introducing them to Christ through music ministration and socializing with them.


The medical team visit every 3 months to do general medical screening free of charge. Not giving them their Spiritual/Psychological needs alone, we found it necessary to equip them with some vocational skills like carpenter/masonery so that by the time they finish their sentence, they can also come out with some skills so that they don’t become a burden to the nation.

In view of this a workshop center has been put up to train them. We intend to put up such structures in the prison yards throughout the country. In other to reach out most of the youth with Gospel, a periodic open air crusades through musical ministration, role plays, mimings, choreographies and movies. Now we all know that Television attracts most of our youth and it also serves as a big platform for education.


It is in view of this that the ministry is appealing to you great men and women of God to assist us in setting up a Christian Television station BSS TV station (Body Soul and Spirit TV Station) and it is going to be Spiritual and Health Programmes through Preaching ,Teaching, Role Plays, Choreographies, Crusades, worships and music ministration and others.

So far, we have a temporal accommodation that we can start with .We also have two plots of land to put up our own building in the future. Some musical instruments and office machines like editing computers have been also purchased.



As I pray, I feel directed by the Holy Spirit to inform you to partner with us and assist us to set up the Television Station in any form that you feel led by the Holy Spirit.