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Maranatha Midwifery Refresher Training School

Maranatha Midwifery Refresher Training School is an ultra modern institution with the aim of producing dedicated and well equipped midwives who are up to the task and challenges of motherhood in the context of modern healthcare. This has become necessary in view of the current challenges in addressing issues relating to high number of referrals in our midwifery training institutions during their final exams, across the country. Also, it is our prime motive to train professional midwives who have not been getting access to in-service training to update their scope of knowledge.

The high Maternal and Child mortality rate have been linked to shortage of trained competent and skilled midwifery personnel at the rural community level of health care. These shortages have in a way been attributed to the high referral rate of student midwives during their final exams and inadequate or lack of in-service training for the professional midwives in our country Ghana.
The alarming situation depicted above, clearly indicates a need to train the student midwives very well to enable them pass their final exams and also, organize refresher course/ program for the qualified ones in the system.

It is therefore our quest to commence refresher training programme and remedial course in midwifery for all categories of midwives (be it students with referred papers or Midwives who are on the job). The school is situated, behind Maranatha Hospital, Kwadaso/Asuoyeboah in the Kumasi Metropolis. Current modern facilities are in place to provide the requisite theoretical and practical training for students. These include:

  • Computer laboratory with internet facility
  • Well furnished library
  • Well furnished classrooms
  • Demonstration rooms/ skills laboratory
  • Administration and staff offices
  • Committed and dedicated lecturers
  • Well skilled preceptors

There are also modern day hostel accommodations for students who will like to be accommodated

Synopsis of the Programme

This Programme/Course is precisely designed to help student midwives and professional midwives revise, refresh, and update their Knowledge and Studies through specialist tuition, specialist support and remedial education to be able to re-sit their referred exams and pass well.


We believe that the study of midwifery is a self-motivated and organic process, springing forth from the fertile ground of community and family. Just as there have always been and will always be birthing women, so the midwife is called into practice. We recognize and value the tradition of the midwifery learning cycle: knowledge being passed from woman to woman, experienced midwife to apprentice and mentoring. We believe birth is a transformational process with its own intrinsic value for personal growth and development.

We support woman-centered birth and seek to uphold the right of each woman to define her needs and identify her support system. While the midwife sets parameters of safety, it is the birthing woman who, through the process of informed consent, makes her own decisions regarding the care of herself and her baby.


The vision of Maranatha Midwifery Refresher Training school is to become a center of excellence in offering remedial opportunity for students who have not been able to sail through their normal stream of midwifery training school successfully. This we hope to achieve through a well motivated, dedicated and committed lecturers applying specialist tuition, specialist support and excellent remedial education.

Our focus in developing this program has been to preserve community-based midwifery care and education. For us, this means refining and preserving apprenticeship. We believe that apprenticeship is a superior educational route for fostering independent/autonomous midwifery practice.

We recognize the dynamic potential students bring to midwifery education, based on each student’s cumulative life experience, philosophy and belief system. Our instructors are committed to assisting students with comprehensive integration of didactic and clinical experience.


The mission of the Midwifery Program is to create leaders in the field of midwifery whose practice and life’s work reflect the highest standards of care for women and newborns within their families and communities everywhere. To this end, our midwifery education is a process where students and faculty engage and grow in an environment conducive to inquiry, learning, and critical thinking. It is our purpose to prepare midwives for the scope of practice outlined by the Nurses and Midwives Council and the Midwifery Licensing requirements in Ghana.


The goals of the programme are to:

  1. Afford midwifery students who failed in their exams the opportunity of specialist and concentrative teaching for six months to enable them re-sit their exams and pass.
  2. Offer in service programs and intuitive education to the qualified midwives in broadening their scope of knowledge.


Structure Of The Programme

Student Midwives who have referrals in various subjects
Midwifery students in school who need extra classes and practicals to top up their finals to pass and pass well
Qualified midwives who need refresher/ in-service training to equip themselves.


The midwifery refresher training programme shall be conducted for six months continuously for midwifery students who were referred in various subjects during final exams either practicals or theory.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Emphasis shall be on integrating theory with practical demonstration, clinical skills/experiences and community practice. Tutors and preceptors shall work with students in the clinical areas such as hospitals, maternity Homes in the community. Teaching methods shall be as follows;

  • Lecture/ Discussion
  • Clinical Practice
  • Group discussions
  • E- Learning / internet studies
  • Practical demonstration
  • Client Care Studies
  • Home Visits
  • Individual group Projects
  • Role Plays

A lot of emphasis will be placed on courses that students fail the more. Some of these courses are;

  • Public health
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Midwifery ( Pregnancy, Advance Midwifery, Labour and delivery, Puerperium, Family Planning)
  • Pharmacology
  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics


  • Anatomy
  • Midwifery 1,2 and 3
  • Midwifery practicals
  • Normal Midwifery
  • Abnormal midwifery
  • Communication skills
  • Community midwifery/Practicals
  • Neonatal care
  • Family Planning
  • Abnormal Pregnancy
  • Some Diseases associated with Pregnancy
  • Sociology and psychology